Having your CCTV installed by professional and experienced engineers means that you can minimise the possibility there will be defects or operating faults with the equipment.

Our expert engineers can explain the complicated legal requirements of home CCTV, giving you the confidence that you will not be in breach of any data protection laws. External cameras must be positioned correctly and set to film within the legal mandated area of your property – we can ensure that this is the case, whilst also providing the maximum and most effective coverage of your home.


What’s included with my option?

  • Our engineers will assess the site for suitable mounting positions (cameras, cables, DVR, etc.) and agree a suitable location with you.
  • Install cameras and route cables back to the central DVR position.
  • Connect various cameras and configure the DVR unit (the DVR will need to be connected to a monitor situated in close proximity and broadband router if you require remote access).
  • Demonstration of the system operation and selected camera views.
  • Configure the remote devise for remote viewing (where applicable).


Bespoke solutions

Whilst the standard installation takes care of most installation scenarios, there may be occasions where you request additional materials or services to complete a more bespoke solution.

In this instance, the attending engineer will do their best to provide a practical solution with the minimum amount of fuss or cost to you.


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